Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Hot & Cold

I am so addicted to Starbuck these few months and of course, owing to my definite obsession about getting lean and ripped, i usually order it without the cream. Apart from being a perfect place to meet your good friends and chit-chat about life and some serious stuff, they provide the hassle free wireless internet as well as the electric plug... Uuuuuu...again the brand supports the criminal in Palestine...i have to reduce the number of visit by now....

The pic above was taken few months back. A hot mocha next to a cold ice-blended mocha......what a glory !!

I am addicted to Kathy perry's single called HOT & COLD which i think is quite catchy and it is best to dedicate the song to people who are INDECISIVE ...ha ha.. (am i included ?? he he..nah ..i am not !!)

'Cause you're hot then you're cold
You're yes then you're no
You're in and you're out
You're up and you're down
You're wrong when it's right
It's black and it's white
We fight, we break up
We kiss, we make up

You, you don't really wanna stay, no
You, but you don't really wanna go, oh '
Cause you're hot then you're cold
You're yes then you're no
You're in and you're out
You're up and you're down
We used to be just like twins, so in sync
The same energy now's a dead battery
Used to laugh 'bout nothing
Now you're plain boring I should know
That you're not gonna change


wahdi said...

Welcome to the club! *cheers ;)

toffeenut latte satu!!
Opss tu kena tunggu xmas

Zuridah said...

I pun addicted with ice blended.Every month mesti nak pekena...kalau tak rasa mcm tak complete hidup. Lucky my hubby dapat diskaun 15% walaupun tak banyak. Jom gi lepak....

Wahidah said...

starbucks..hehehe..lately ni dh lama tk layan starbucks since kes palestin...kira cam boikot la..hehehe...

tp br sat td layan ice blended dkt coffee bean

shah said...

aiyoh...dah lama tak pekene starbuck

nisa said...
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:: NbC :: said...

panas2 ni kena ice-blended moca best aaaaa...

tp, x leh lawa kehebatan ice kepal 10 sen zaman kekanak dulu.. heheh

Ms B said...

I have tall mocha every morning from the office's cafe. Fortunately, they dont serve with cream. Not that I'd mind. Any additional weight, subject to the right places, are much welcomed.

syukur said...

WAhdi :
Yeah. cheers.... we are coffee lovers..

Zuridah :
Talking about lepak..yeah dah lama jugak tak lepak dgn u , Ekin and Budiey ..kan ?? Yup one fine day nanti we fix date.

Wahidah :
ye la i pun boikot jugak dari segi jumlah visit ke sana..ha ha

Shah :
TQ for visiting...yeah head yourself to the nearest Starbuck.

Nisa :
Amboi ni tgh kerja ker ni ?? I suka ;lagu ni sebenarnya di zaman susah nak buat keputusan dalam hidup...ha ha kena pulak dengan konsep gambar tu.

Pinky....ada lagu tak Ice Kepal dengan utara ?? tu lah susah dah nak cari ...kat NZ ?? ha ha

Ms B :
U like cream on top...?? aaaaa i can't have the cream ..too much added calories..ha ha

riqzmie said...

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Catz said...

hi doc..

saya pun dlm 2-3 bulan ni sgt addicted to starbucks..aiyyoo..takleh boikot..cuma now reduce no of visit.
saya suka ambiance..the drinks..dan ada plug pula..mmg best duk situ utk bertemu kawan2..