Friday, February 27, 2009

One Of The Indonesian Best !!

I think by now , everyone reading my blog would label me as anti Malaysian music because i prone to Indonesian influence. The fact that they produce better music and freshier than ours...sorry ! Rio Febrian is one of the male Indonesian vocalist that i admire his singing style.
Thanks to Syed M. for getting me this 2006 album from Rio Febrian during his visit to Jakarta recently. His ballads are almost perfect and very soothing to my eardrum. Very very nice !


:: NbC :: said...


meminati lagu Indon tidak semestinya anti lagu2 Msia..

(* sokong sbb i pon suka lagu2 Indon)

Zavina said...

Right!! Anti malaysian music sampai sanggup reject tiket konsert mnasir vip seat... hahaa.. anyway, i enjoyed myself sampai hilang2 suara.. best!!

Wahidah said...

not anti malaysian music la..
but u lurve the lovely if it from Indonesia..why not rite?

syukur said...

Pinky :
Yeah.. i agree with ..they always come up with fresh new ideas..

Zavina :
Mmmmmm best ker Konsert M Nasir tu ?? Thanks for the invite for that VIP seat..tapi M'nasir menjadikan i nampak veteran..he he he...VIP tix konsert Rihanna or Jason Maranz ker nak ler ..boleh ??

Wahidah :
Yeah very true indeed.... muzik mereka baik banget

Zavina said...

Hahaa.. oo, tgk mnasir nmpak veteran ye?.. konon if tgk rihanna @ jason miranz tu nmpak muda.. pirahhh