Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Star paper cut-out.....I feel good...!!

Paper Cutting from The Star

Monday December 15, 2008

Syabas to HUKM docs and nurses

I WRITE to share my experience and offer a big thanks to the doctors and nurses of Hospital Uni–versiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (HUKM) in Cheras.
I had a heart attack and was rushed to the hospital. At the emergency centre I was immediately attended to by Dr Sharifudin, Dr Azhana and their team who did a very professional job.
I was sent to the CCU ward and was taken care of by Dr Azura, Dr Masliza and their team of nurses until I was able to be sent to the CRW ward to recover.
There I was attended to by another caring team – Dr Ting, Syukur, Ika Faizura, Faizan and Lee, and nurses. Dr Ting and Dr Syukur did an angiogram and found a block in my left coronary artery.
Dr Ting did an angioplasty and I now have a stent.
I have recovered tremendously due to the hard work and professionalism of all the doctors and nurses of HUKM.
Keep up the good work. Be the best and beat the rest, Syabas again HUKM.
Cheras, Selangor.

It is an honour to treat every patient that landed to our care... To Anand, thank you and hope you have a speedy recovery.. I just feel good Today....We finished the angio the day before at 10 pm and this news really put a big smile on US..Thanks !!


Zuridah said...

Bravo doc...keep up the good job!

Ad said...


harap semua doktor macam bro.

syukur said...

Zue : Thanks...yeah i will

Ad : Tq again....harapnya pun cam tu..anyway..how is China ??

Rani said...

Sounds like you are a HERO! Good job!

Ms B said...

well done dear!!!

it feels good when people appreciate our effort, right? keep on doing your hard work.

Inah said...

good job doc!! its good when u feel appreciated rite :)..no need for expensive gifts..just some sincere words..and these words will bring sunshine to u :)

mrbudie said...

congratz to u & the team ! semlm, aku pun tumpang seronok lepas baca the story @ The Star

adibah said...

Congrats Syuk & team!! My sis sendiri pun puji you and ur team. Bila ikhlas bekerja.. semua orang dapat rasa keikhlasannya, kan?

Keep it up, Dr. Syuk!

axim said...


syukur said...

RAni :
Enbarani ???Is that u ?? Wow..good to see u back.Well i am no HERO la...just a government servant with a tough responsibility..ha ha

Ms B :
TQ very much for your never ending support.. Appreciate that !

Inah :
yeah it is true Inah...a sunshine to me when i need it the most..mmmmm..

Mr Budie : You are definitely one of the best childhood friend that still up to now be one of my best buddy too. Thank you so much .

Dib : Terima kasih Dib.. I hope your sis pun felt the warmth and hospitality during her stay in cardiology unit recently..

Axim : Thanks BRO...

Ekin said...

Waah.. nama masuk paper kwn kita nih.. itu mesti kena simpan and kasik frame :)
This is truly rewarding kan? This is kind of a ticket for you to climb higher to the highest.. insya allah.. keje kuat.. ikhlas.(bukan senang nak dapat compliment cam nih kan.. ) rite Syukur?
Bravoo Syukur.. Good job.

tekateki | dD said...


syukur said...

Ekin : Tq... Ekin...it is truly rewarding and i accolade this to the cardio team for the good working environment we ve created and i enjoyed every single moments eventhough i admit it is tiring.

Tekateki : Tq....tq too for visiting my blog.

Ad said...

hai bro..

China ok..sejuk ala2 genting (wat masa ni)..

rajin2la yer keluar entry,sebagai peneman di kala sunyi.ekekke..

Wahidah said...

wow..impressive...good job doc..:)

keep it up..:)

risyams said...

sebesar zarah kebajikan yang kita lakukan pun tidak pernah ALLAH menidakkannya inikan pula pekerjaan dilakukan dengan niat keranaNYA...percayalah, kejayaan sentiasa mengiringi kehidupan Doc. Syukur....teruskan berbakti...:)

wahdi said...

wow, that is awesome!

syukur said...

Ad : woooo bestnya suasana sejuk cam tu

Wahidah : tenkiu

Kak Lin : tq too

Wahdi : lagi tq... hope your late father rest in peace.

chen said...

hey, thats great syuks! Keep up the good work!

syukur said...

Chen : Tq very much lil bro !! (ha ha by months !)

DrsalamBEST said...


nice one.

congrats anyway.