Friday, November 6, 2009

The Key.......Don;t Ever Lose It !!

One fine day, James walked into a kopitiam meeting his friends wearing his favourite green colour t-shirt which picture of a key printed near the chest area. He definitely looked good in his favourite t-shirt, at least to his thinking...ha ha. He greeted the minimal crowd and waived at them.

Friend 1 said jokingly :

" Can i have the key on your chest ? "

James :

" No, you can't , because this is the only key to my heart "

Friend 2 :

" Then ...who owns that key ??"

James :

" To be frank, i don't really know where is the key now. I gave it to someoneand i don't know wether it is well-kept. I do really hope that the key holder return on one fine day and unlock this chain around me or else i wish that i will never ever find the key again AT ALL "

And all of his friends were like ...." WHOAAAAAHHHH ! "
And they were all laughed out loud...


Ekin said...

this is sweet PLUS..Jiwangg hahaha Good day!!

s.a.z.z.a said...

ola...lama x menyinggah ur blog,got short story now eh? i've the itch to continue the story...hehe

syukur said...

Ekin : jiwang skeeeetttt jer..ha ha ha
Good Day to u too.

Sazza : why u had that itch ? ha ha ha

edina monsoon said...

Interesting blog entry:) Spill the beans. Who's the holder of the key

syukur said...

Edina : mmm you have to ask James.. it is a story about him..ha ha ha