Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Papedom from Papadom....

This movie bagged this year Best Picture in Malaysian Film Festival beating the late Yasmin's Talentime. It took nearly a year to be showed in the big screens from it's actual scheduled screening. I went to watch it simply because of its award-winning status but even with hilarious scenes to keep one until the end, Papadom was very forgettable.

Papadom weaknesses :

1. Afdlin's acting performance wasn't up to my expectation...while Liyana's role outshine others.
Other supporting roles in the movie did not help much

2. The idea of putting up BORIA performance at the beginning and the end turned to be very
irritating plus the effiminate gestures of all the performers.

3. Very ordinary storyline and it is like " u watch , u laugh and u forget "!

If PAPADOM was honoured Best Picture, i think Malaysia film industry really need new fresh ideas and good directing skills..


:: NbC :: said...

x best ke..? i've read some +ve comments about the movie. May be the best film award received tu buat u ada high expectation over it kot..?

wahdi said...

mmmm i tot the industry said it's good? how low is the standard of our film industry... :(

syukur said...

Pinky :
To me it lacks of elements needed for it to become best film. The story is so predictable, and i dun think this is Afdlin's best offerings coz he can do much better.

Wahdi :
The late Yasmin Ahmad and Khabir Bhatia i believe had brought something fresh in the industry...

CATZ said...

catz dah tgk citer ni..
rasa citer ni better lah dari filem2 melayu lain yg lagiii tah hapa2..
i agree..afdlin can do better lah..
lawak pulak ada boria2 tuh..turned off...hiks.