Friday, October 26, 2012

Jane, Jane , Jane

I am hooked to this new TV series, Jane By Design just because the impeccable stars in it. The double life of Jane , bustling in between high school and a promising fashionista is the key ingredient to the story.  In Malaysia,  season 1 of the show is reaching to the end and there are so many characters involved to add coloursto the story plot. Here is my analysis about each character ( pro's and con's)  and how  they actually  fit into real life... Mmmm....which one are U ?

Jane   : lovely petite and make people who loves me do anything for her, but yet sometimes indecisive.
Ben    : caring brother, very protective but really bad in love romance life .
Billy   :  Pun'k guy who feels comfortable in his own skin, but too scare to admit he is in love with Jane.
Nick  :  Footballer hunk, sporty guy, rich but doesnt have trust  and loyalty to carry along .
Gray  :  Obsessive bossy lady , hard-working , accepting new ideas, very successful in career  but sucks in 
             love and marriage life
Lulu   : Rich, spoilt , pretty but afraid about her relationship to be known publicly.
Jeremy : Character of fashion industry man, elegant,  appear very gentleman, but back-stabbers in silence
India   : Chick , lovely seductive demeanour , unfriendly look but revengeful.

Love all  the characters ! cant wait for season 2......

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letti said...

i LOVED this show too. But alas, dah kena kensel :(