Thursday, September 23, 2010

Road Safety Or Fashion Savvy

I was in Ho Chin Minh in last August 2010 for a conference . This " saigon" is famous for its war remnants and people loves to shop there for the good bargain. One of the identity of this city is the countless motorbikes on the road at all times that prevents the naive tourists from crossing the road. My Vietnamese friend gave me a ride in his motorbike and it was an enjoyable experience and yet gave me palpitation too !!!.

Basically, the motorbikes here are the king of the road. Even the helmets are beautifully decorated and designed without any safety aspect . I bet all this helmets will not pass through our JPJ approval !!!....


Ekin said...

Dekat sini tak dak "like" application ke?
I like this post. *:)

bila kali terakhir naik motor aa? x ingat pun.. paling best sbb suka depangkan tangan ..rasa lepas bebas..hureeyy!!

syukur said...

Ekin : he he he this is FB my fren ! :) thank you very much for liking it anyway. Have to be cautious yeah while on the bike !! :)