Friday, January 22, 2010

When I Grow Up

FACEBOOK has done wonders in reconnecting people... This is a picture taken merely 18 years ago when i were in high school. Cikgu Azizah is the first teacher i added as my FB friends and almost all of them in this down to memory lane picture are now my FB friends.

Nobody can predict what life ahead waiting for us when we grow up. Some succeded like a true champion while some missed every chances in life.

To me.,.i evolved and designed my life to be like what i want it to be.... and it is a happy moment to realize that DREAMS are not impossible to fulfill if we work it out and plan properly..sooner or later it will be OURS !!


Faisal Admar said...

yes, i'd agree with you syuk. facebook has reconnected me with old friends from kindergarten to college. in fact, colleagues too.

this is what i like about modern technology :)

edina monsoon said...

I agree Syuks:) Facebook has got me connected with some really OLD good friends. ( as well as some horrors....) I dun particularly enjoy OLD pics of me up on the net tho. Especially the ones where my hair looks like a mop. Bleah

syukur said...

Faisal :

Yeah ..modern technologies are great in connecting people...i hope new technologies in the future will make the connection better for all of us..

Andrea :

Ha ha ha love to see pic of you with that mop style hair..ha ha
Or maybe do the same hair style sometimes later..and please wear the huge specs along....ha ha ha and in cheongsam ! ha ha

Faisal Admar said...

oh, anyhow, the title sounds so pussy cat dolls ;)

syukur said...

Faisal : yeah ..later on i 'll go like HUSH HUSH...ha ha

Wahidah said...

hush hush...aren't it will be sound like meow meow ke..huhuhu..:P

Ekin said...

Yeah. Facebook = Master of Reconnecting People... and i like your last paragraph..
INDEED...Every dreams are possible to fulfill.. and it is US, to make it REAL

syukur said...

Wahidah : hush hush tu single Pussycat Dolls....he he

syukur said...

Ekin : thanks for liking the phrases...ha ha